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New York City, NY

Carolina Santos Read was born in London and raised in Madrid and Connecticut where she studied at the Casa de Cultura and Eastern CT Ballet. She was in numerous productions including "The Nutcracker," "The Sleeping Beauty" (Young Aurora), "Hoedown" (Cowgirl), and a soloist in Balanchine's "Concerto Barroco." Carolina has attended many summer dance intensives including the Kirov Academy of Ballet, the Juilliard School, Ballet Hispanico, the Carmen Roche ballet school and the Amor de Dios flamenco school in Spain. Carolina was awarded two gold medals with distinction at American Academy of Ballet's Performance Awards, and was recipient of the Shoreline Arts Alliance dance scholarship in 2004.<br /><br />

She graduated from Fordham University with a BFA in dance in conjunction with the Alvin Ailey School and a BA in Political Science. She has worked with choreographers Maximo Luna, Christopher Huggins, Troy Powell, Sylvia Waters, Pascal Rioult, Nathan Trice, Ronald K. Brown, Pedro Ruiz, Robert Battle, Kazuko Hirabayashi, Jacqui Buglisi, and performed Ramon Oller's "Besame" solo set by Irene Hogarth of Ballet Hispanico. In the spring of 2008 she performed as a guest artist with Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater. In August 2008 she performed as tango dancer and dance captain in an Actors Equity (AEA) production of "Evita" at the Ivoryton Playhouse in CT. She then performed with Ballet Hispanico's Senior Ensemble in Manhattan.<br /><br />

Carolina has acted in commercials, film and television including "Beautiful Girls," "The Reflection," and "Friends With Kids" (Chicago dancer) as well as Princess Sophie's Secretary on Season 4 of Gossip Girl, a stewardess in ABC's "Pan Am" pilot, and Johnny's girlfriend on "Tattoo Nightmares." She models for commercial print work and has danced in music videos. In March 2010 Carolina performed in "Canto," an all-women flamenco piece choreographed by Melinda Marquez. April-September 2010 she toured the UK with England's Giffords Circus as dancer and assistant choreographer. She performed in plays "La Revolucion" and "Moctezuma" at NYC's Mint Theater, as well as "The Producers" and "Home for the Holidays" in CT.  She most recently performed a flamenco solo in the 2012 Provincetown Dance Festival and was seen Off-Broadway in 50 Shades! The Musical at the Gramercy Theater. She is currently working in the ghost opera "Circle of Haunts" in NYC, and in March she will once again guest artist with Annabella Gonzalez Dance Theater



By Zander Opper

Director and choreographer Todd L. Underwood has outdone himself with his work here with an excellent group of dancers, all of whom move sinuously and panther-like throughout the show. The large-scale numbers "We Both Reached for the Gun" and especially the "Cell Block Tango" are electrifying, with the entire company of dancers nailing the Fosse-style choreography perfectly.

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Examiner.com: CT's ivoryton playhouse achieves perfection with a beautiful 'south pacific'

By Don Church and Tony Schillaci

And, we applaud Dance Captain and Assistant Choreographer Carolina Santos Read for keeping those sailors and nurses steppin' sprightly to the great Rodgers and Hammerstein musical numbers.

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the hartford courant: stellar 'south pacific' at ivoryton

By Frank Rizzo

When Carrier sings "Carefully Taught" - one of lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II's most stirring songs - which challenges the notion that people are born with prejudice, it's a goose-bump moment, just as it must have been when the show had its world premiere at the Shubert Theatre in New Haven in 1949. 

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the new york times: '50 shades! the musical' parodies that erotic best seller

By Andy Webster

When it comes to potential for satire, E. L. James’s she-porn best seller “50 Shades of Grey” seems as easy a target as you could shake a sex toy at. That said, “50 Shades! The Musical — The Original Parody,” an exuberant takeoff now at the Elektra Theater, handily delivers the goods.

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new york daily news: '50 Shades! the musical': theater review

By Joe Dziemianowicz

The show's framing device is a trio of middle-aged women - one who's frowzy in Mom jeans, of course - reading about and getting increasingly turned-on by the naughty sexploits.  A trio of physically formidable and scantily clad dancers add to the antics.

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Jackson Heights Life: Circle of Haunts

Jackson Heights Life

During CIRCLE OF HAUNTS, and perhaps the highlight of it, an unexpected and wondrous choreographed dance between two spirits, Carolina Santos Read and Josiah Guitian almost steals the show.

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NYTheatre.com: Circle of Haunts

By Martin Denton from NYTheatre.com

A cast of nine bring the work to life vividly, with my personal favorites being Josiah Guitian and Carolina Santos Read as the ballet versions of Peter Quint and Miss Jessel (their performance of Xoregos' choreography is exquisite)

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Cosmpolitan: "50 Shades! The Musical" NY Off-Broadway Premiere

By Emma Barker from Cosmopolitan

Ana's "inner goddess" is hilariously represented by three total hunks in Chippendales outfits and a corseted foxy lady dancer, and high notes stand in for orgasm sounds. But the best part of the whole thing? During the curtain call one of our sisters on stage chided the dudes in the audience for making fun of Greysters: "Let them enjoy it, especially considering how much porn you look at!" Amen.

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Perez Hilton: "50 Shades! The Musical" NY Off-Broadway Premiere

Perez Hilton

Ahh! Absolutely perfect! 50 Shades! opened to critical praise in Chicago and the production moves to NYC's Gramercy Theater this weekend — catch it if you can!

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Time.com: "50 Shades! The Musical" NY Off-Broadway Premiere

By Melissa Locker from Time.com

File this under ‘Probably Inevitable’: Fifty Shades of Grey is getting the musical treatment. A parody production of the bestselling erotic novel is heading to an off-Broadway theater in New York this week. That’s right, there’s finally a play your inner goddess, your book club and your mother-in-law can all agree on.

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Playbill: "50 Shades! The Musical" NY Off-Broadway Premiere

By Michael Gioia from Playbill

The original parody 50 Shades! The Musical, which has been seen in Chicago and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, will make its New York premiere Jan. 11-12, 2013, at the Gramercy Theatre.

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Truro Center for the Arts: 2012 Provincetown Dance Festival

Truro Center for the Arts

This year the festival is proud to present: Sean Curran Company, Ego Art Inc., Portland Ballet, Deborah Goffe/Scapegoat Garden, Shridar Shamnugum, the Boston Tap Company, Kairos, Splinters and Shards/Matthew Nash Music and Dance, and world renown Flamenco dancer Carolina Santos Read.

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Provincetown Banner: 2012 Provincetown Dance Festival

Provincetown Banner

Among this year’s fresh faces are the athletic choreographer and performer Sean Curran, of the Sean Curran Company, and Matthew Nash, formerly of the Joffrey Ballet School. Also new on the scene is Carolina Santos Read, a Flamenco dancer trained in acting and singing as well as in the finer arts of movement.

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TheDay.com reviews "Home for the Holidays"

Shoreline Times

Ivoryton Playhouse presents Home for the Holidays, a family story filled with old and new carols, through Sunday, Dec. 18. The cast includes Playhouse favorites, including Beverley Taylor, Norm Rutty, Michael McDermott, John DeNicola, Maggie McGlone Jennings, Celeste Cumming, Carolina Read, Alanna Burke, Gayle LaBrec, Jason Naylor, Brandon Clark, and Addison Marchese.

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Shoreline Times reviews "Home for the Holidays"

By Anne Gamble from Shoreline Times

"These and other elements such as snippets of “The Nutcracker,” symbols and songs of the Nativity story, beautiful renditions of classic carols and poignant contemporary songs are interwoven to create a rich tapestry of Christmas past, present and future which warms the soul."

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BWW Reviews: Ivoryton Playhouse's The Producers Has Got It and Flaunts It

By Jacques Lamarre on July 11, 2011 on broadwayworld.com.

With a musical about a con artist trying to mount a flop show, Ivoryton Playhouse has ended up with a hit on its hands. Unlike Mel Brooks' failed producer Max Bialystock, Ivoryton's charming theatre was aiming for a smash with The Producers and they have succeeded. 

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Ivoryton Playhouse marks 100th year with "The Producers"

By Andrew Beck on July 8, 2011 for the Hartford Arts Examiner.

The ensemble members dig into the multiple and complex production numbers with energy, most notably in "Along Comes Bialy," in which they play the con artist's aging female admirers, complete with circling wheelchairs and tap dancing walkers. 

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English Countryside Weekend Getaways

By Sophy Roberts in the Mar/Apr-2011 issue of Amex Departures.

The brainchild of Nell Gifford—who often gets in on the act herself—this fairy tale re-creation of a traditional 1930s touring circus (dancing horses, twirling acrobats) first took grip of the country’s imagination in May 2000 at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival. 

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Fiery Flamenco Highlights SCSU Women's Studies

By Mike Lauterborn on April 14, 2010 on mikelauterborn.blogspot.com.

A tribute to women freedom fighters Minerva, Patria and Maria Teresa Mirabal, sisters that led a rebellion against Dominican Republic dictator Jose Trujillo and were mysteriously murdered November 25, 1960, "Canto" was choreographed by noted Artistic Director/Choreographer Melinda Bronson.

Carolina Santos-Read, 23, an accomplished professional who was born in London and raised in Madrid, noted that her Brazilian mother had danced under Bronson. 

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Yasmine - A Musical

By Liz Arratoon on May 24, 2010 on The Stage.

In 2000, Nell and Toti Gifford created a gem of a circus to tour village greens in the south-west. Ten years on, they have netted one of the circus world's biggest stars - the equestrienne Yasmine Smart - and devised a forties swing musical show based on her eventful life. 

Such is the creativity and passion poured into this production it is at first bewildering. Inside, the tiny white tent is gorgeously decorated, Lindsay Pugh's exquisite outfits would make any Hollywood film costumier weep, and while most UK touring circuses have abandoned live music, Giffords has an exceptional 12-piece ensemble. 

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The coolest events of summer 2010

By Ruby Warrington in the April 25, 2010 issue of The Times.

With a residency at Hay-on-Wye, Gifford’s Circus is the thinking person’s romp. This year’s show tells the tale of the famous British equestrienne Yasmine Smart, so it’s all leaping horses, a 1940s 12-piece band, and a starring role from Smart herself. Hoopla! May-Sept, across southeast England; giffordscircus.com

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Juggling Act

By Clover Stroud in The Lady.

There cannot be too many restaurants where you find yourself sitting next to a clown, a juggler or tightrope walker. Nor can there be many restaurants that move to a new location every week. So Circus Sauce is pretty unique. It is attached to Giffords Circus, the small, traditional travelling show set up by husband-and-wife team Nell and Toti Gifford a decade ago. Their burgundy Twenties showman's wagons have become a familiar part of the landscape of the South West of England during the past 10 years, where they tour every summer, opening at the Hay-on-Wye literary festival in May, before moving weekly between village greens in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, and closing in Cirencester in mid-September. 

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Best of British


By Tessa Waughin the June 30, 2010 issue of Country Life.

Giffords Circus has become quite a phenomenon during its 10-year lidespan. Nell Gifford has redefined the word circus for a generation, and her shows—taking inspiration from the circus's glorious 1930s heyday—have become an essential part of the summer. 

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Giffords Circus

the stuff that dreams are made of...

By Emma Robertsin the July 2010 issue of Cotswolds Style.

I arrive to the sound of a saxophone being played by a company member in a field at Nell and Toti Gifford's picturesque Cotswold home. From the moment I arrive, I struggle with the idea of having to leave this tranquil piece of paradise behind. Offering audience members the chance to escape from the pressures of the modern world, Nell's creativity transports you back in time to a land of whimsical frivolity. 

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Favorite Broadway Show

Published in the May 2009 issue of Dance Magazine.

For our focus on Broadway this month, we asked readers to tell us their favorite musicals. Here are some of their choices.

As a daughter of Brazilian parents raised in both Spain and the U.S. (and currently living in Washington Heights), I can't get enough of In the Heights. I love the catchy music, incredible hip hop and salsa combinations, and hysterical script. It is an accurate and heartwarming story about the American dream in a New York neighborhood.

Another great one is The Little Mermaid: Dancing on heelies sneakers is such a great concept! It reminds me a bit of Starlight Express, where the performers were all on roller skates to portray trains! Of course, costumes and music are spectacular, and the choreography is jazzy and fun.

Carolina Santos Read

New York, NY 

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Ailey Seniors Contemplate Post-Grad Plans

FCLC Dancers Prepare to Leave the Nest After Four Short Years

Published in the Thursday, April 17, 2008 issue of The Observer.

For Carolina Santos Read, FCLC '08, her career in the Ailey program is coming to an end, but not her tenure at Fordham.

"In fall of 2008, I have to return to Fordham for my extra semester to finish up my second degree, a B.A. in political science," Santos Read said. "I will be a full-time Fordham student for the first time without being a full-time Ailey student, but I plan to still take dance class often at different schools."

According to Ana Marie Forsythe, the director of the Ailey/Fordham BFA program, Santos Read is the only member of the graduating BFA class who is pursuing a double major. 

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Romance a Good Cause This Valentine's Day

By Carol Macdonald in the Monday, January 19, 2009 issue of The Hartford Courant.

This Valentine's Day go beyond romantic traditions by reaching out to others in need at the third annual Samba Rio benefit dance. This event supports the Brazilian and American Youth Cultural Exchange (BRAYCE), a Chester-based nonprofit. 

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Senior Dancers Shine at Weill Center

By Jennifer Pelly in the Wednesday, February 13, 2008 issue of The Observer.

On Jan. 30 and 31, seniors of the Ailey/Fordham Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance program performed in the annual Senior Solo Concert at Ailey's Joan Weill Center for Dance. The intimate theatre and bare stage served as a palette for a series of strikingly innovative and artistic performances. 

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Catching Up with Carolina Read

By Rita Christopher in the Thursday, March 31, 2005 Valley Courier.

When she was Person of the Week on March 31, 2005, Carolina Read of Deep River had just returned from a student work program under the sponsorship of Fordham University's Global Outreach in Nicaragua

She was enrolled in Fordham as a dance major, but the Nicaragua experience encouraged her to add another major: political science. 

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Learning About Yourself by Helping Others

By Rita Christopher in the Valley Courier.

It was a special morning. Carolina Read woke up in her home, took a shower, dressed in jeans and a clean blouse, and put on make-up and jewelry.

Not extraordinary sounding, but Carolina had spent the previous 10 days sleeping on beds so rickety that they left her with back cramps, wearing no make-up and baggy sweat clothes and, what's more, loving every minute of it. 

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The Year in Pictures

Published in the Main Street News.

The "GO Nicaragua" trip: Carolina Oliveira Santos Read dances in the light inside the church where the 12 students from Fordham installed a new floor. 

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Shoreline Arts Alliance Announces Scholarship Winners

Published in the Saturday, April 24, 2004 issue of Killingworth Today.

After reviewing 104 applications, including auditions and portfolios, the Scholarship Committee of the Shoreline Arts Alliance announced its scholarship recipients for 2004.

Dance: Carolina Santos Read, Deep River, senior, Mercy High School 

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